A recap of my week in things.

In an effort to get back into writing again (more so just for me than anything or anyone else), I’ve decided that I’m going to try to recap my week in things. So here we are: My week in things.

The Witch

The front cover of A24 Book Number 002: The Witch, written and directed by Robert Eggers.

I don’t know that I could pick just one movie as my favorite, but I do know that The Witch holds a very special place in my heart. When A24 Filmsannounced that they would be releasing books for three movies in its catalog and that one of the books would be for The Witch, I knew that I wanted in on that very much.

The book is a beautifully bound printing of the screenplay, a transcript of a conversation between writer/director Robert Eggers and American historian David D. Hall, a section for full-page stills from the movie and production sketches, and a piece of short fiction by Carmen Maria Machado.

I don’t collect much these days and, over the past few years, I’ve purged a lot of my physical media, but for the love of Black Phillip I felt like I need this in my life and I’m glad to own it.


An image of Cuphead And Mughead standing on stacks of casino chips with the message “Don’t deal with the Devil” next to them.
These fuckin’ guys…

I’m playing Cuphead on the Nintendo Switch and the game is gorgeous in motion and supremely difficult. I guess I’m about three levels in and already the game is giving me what-for. I plan on sticking with it, but yeesh!

Permanent Record

The front cover of the book Permanent Record by Edward Snowden.

I’ve followed the Snowden leaks since they began back in 2013. When I started to get back into reading more over the past couple of years, one book that I breezed through was No Place to Hide, journalist Glenn Greenwald’s account of his own involvement with the leaks, a fantastic recap of what was leaked and the outcome from it, and the story of Ed up until that point.

I’m of the belief that Edward Snowden is a hero and should be pardoned. When he announced that he’d written and was about to release a memoir, so excited was I that I stopped on my way home from work to buy it on its release day.

I’m only about halfway through it at the moment, but I’m finding it quite engaging and the further I read, the further solidified my thoughts are about the guy and his actions, but perhaps this is just confirmation bias.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Crypt of the NecroDancer
This fuckin’ game…

While being a completely different style of game from Cuphead, the two games share a theme: Hand the player his or her own ass back to them. I question if I’ve ever had more fun almost-but-not-quite-finishing the first level of a game before, but in Crypt of the NecroDancer, I’ve nearly made it so many times and will keep trying until I’ve at least unlocked Zone 2. And when that happens, I’ll just play a little more to see where that takes me.

that dog.

The album cover for that dog.’s Old LP.
that dog. – Old LP

that dog. released their first album in 22 years and it’s the type of comeback you kind of hope for from all your favorite bands from long ago and far away in that it almost sounds like they never left; you can easily forgive them for not being around for so long because of it.

This album has practically been on repeat for a week.


Overcooked: Special Edition image shows four cartoon chefs in a kitchen.
These fuckin’ chefs…

My wife and I have, little by little, been making our way through the world of Overcooked on the Switch. The game is a delight and there’s no other way I’d rather be playing through it than with her. (Aww!)

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