The week ends tomorrow but I’m already checked out.

Actually, just a busy-ish weekend planned, and I had some free time tonight, so here are a few things I enjoyed this week.


A poster for Moonraker.
He rakes moons.

My good friend, Jesse, and I made a list of our seven favorite James Bond films a few weeks ago. Only one film was on both lists (The Living Daylights), but two different Daniel Craig films were listed, so what we started doing was randomizing the films and watching one every couple of weeks, then we’ll watch all the Craig films in order because why not? With no solid timeline set, this very well may take us up to the release of Craig’s latest, No Time to Die (April 2020), so that might work out well.

Anyway, Moonraker was the movie this week and I just have say: I love Roger Moore.

The Office Ladies

Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer are The Office Ladies.
Angela and Jenna ARE The Office Ladies.

Former co-stars and current real-life best friends, Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, started a podcast a two weeks ago — The Office Ladies — and it’s pretty darn great. Angela and Pam will be recapping The Office episode-by-episode starting from the beginning, peppering Fast Facts and Tidbits throughout. I think that if you’re a fan of the TV show and listen to podcasts, then it’s probably worth subscribing to it.


The album cover for Elbow’s Giants of All Sizes.
Elbow – Giants of All Sizes

I half-jokingly told my friend and fellow Elbow enthusiast, Todd, that this is the best Radiohead album I’ve heard in years. It’s a joke because I know he hates Radiohead and Elbow never really set out to be like Radiohead to begin with, but it’s a only a joke-by-half because, for some reason, I keep catching hints of Hail to the Thief on this album and I’m loving it.

I don’t know that Elbow puts out music that is going to capture everyone’s heart, but there’s certainly a place in mine for them.

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Yincrow X6

I’ve had this review for these inexpensive (okay, downright cheap) earbuds bookmarked since February of this year. Though they’ve interested me ever since, I’ve had no reason to consider buying them because I’ve been using AirPods since just about the time they came out. The usual five-hour AirPod play time has slowly become a three-hour play time and the charging case that used to provide up to another 24 hours has slowly become another 10. In short, $10 was quickly seeming like an easy spend to not have any time limits or charging catastrophes to worry about while listening to podcasts and music nearly all day at work. I made the right choice.

I’m no audiophile, but these buds really do sound as great as Vlad suggests they do. I’ve been listening to albums I’ve heard a hundred times and I’m noticing things I hadn’t before.

If you need a cheap pair of earbuds, or just want an upgrade for whatever pack-ins or cheapies you might be using, you could do a lot worse for a lot more.

(And if you’re like “Who the hell is Vlad?,” then click the link to his review on The Verge in the first paragraph, ya dingus.)


And with that, I’m out. Happy Diwali, everyone!

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