A week to give thanks and chew bubblegum…

…and I’m all out of gum.

Asphalt 9: Legends

I am still playing this game almost every day and have, in fact, played for over 20 hours (thanks, Switch, for keeping track). Stated previously, the cool down on timers for events, card packs, and gas tanks is more than fair, but now I feel like I need to keep unlocking and upgrading cars. It’s become my second job, but I don’t mind because I’m such a gearhead. (I’m not.) (But I do enjoy a good arcade racer.)

Speaking of games…

Nintendo Cyber Deals

HOLY SHIT! I don’t know why I’m not a more strategic saver when it comes to my spending money. I know that the weeks around Thanksgiving are filled with sales and deals galore, but I never ramp-up my savings to spend it during this time, and then Nintendo goes and does this.

About 3/4 of my Switch eShop Wishlist saw semi-dramatic markdowns, but I really have to contain myself, so so far I’ve only purchased…

Hyper Light Drifter

The start of Hyper Light Drifter.
The beginning of the adventure.

I’ve wanted to play Hyper Light Drifter ever since it came out on other consoles, but I was always too busy and couldn’t find the time. Now that I have a Switch, I’m able to jump into all the older games I that passed me by, and I’m thankful for it because I can play while watching stuff like…

Santa Girl

The cover of Santa Girl.
The girl right there…that’s Santa Girl.

Santa Girl is a holiday movie that is part of Netflix’s ever-growing annual low-budget holiday catalog. Reed Hastings, it seems, has committed his company to keeping us glued to the TV, regardless of the quality of the output.

Santa Girl is a fish out of water tale where Santa’s daughter goes to college for a semester before her arranged marriage to Santa’s business partner’s son is set to take place. High jinx happen, drama ensues, and almost everyone ends up happy.

Not to say that Santa Girl isn’t without its moments, but it sure is no…

The Knight Before Christmas

A movie poster for Netflix’s The Knight Before Christmas.
Netflix’s Queen of Christmas.

…which is another movie my wife and I watched because it’s there. This is another gem in former High School Musical-ist Vanessa Hudgens’ Netflix holiday crown — she was in last year’s The Princess Switch — and there’s no end in sight for her reign as queen; there’s a sequel to Princess Switch coming out next year, and Knight Before Christmas ends in a way that suggests we’ll see these characters again.

As for this one, it’s actually another take on the fish out of water tale wherein a knight from the 1300’s is magically whisked away to present day by an old croon he bumped into in the forest one day. Not only does he get taken in by Vanessa Hudgens, but he makes merry and fulfills his true quest — to find love. Aww!


Not to be outdone by Netflix, Hulu also invests a few dollars a year to put out mildly entertaining seasonal flicks. In an effort to fill the space between Halloween and Thanksgiving, we’ve been given Pilgrim.

Pilgrim is…interesting. It’s (trying to be) woke and funny and stupid and more entertaining than I thought it’d be. There’s a family going through some issues as step-mom and teen daughter clash. In an effort to get everyone to reconnect over Thanksgiving, step-mom decides to invite who she believes are a couple of pilgrim re-enactment folks to stay with them to teach them how to rediscover what it means to truly be thankful for what they have.

Without spoiling anything, I believe the pilgrims succeed in the most horrific way possible.

Anyway, no time for much else this week/weekend, but today is December 1, which means it’s time to enjoy daily treats, compliments of Aldi’s wine, cheese, and chocolate truffle Advent Calendars!

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