This past week was a slow ride…

…so I took it easy.

A friend asked if I had any big goals for the new year, and I do, but most of them rolled over from years previous:

  • Get a motorcycle license.
  • Learn basic Spanish, French, and Sign Language.
  • See or watch a movie a week.
  • Keep recapping my weeks.

I didn’t mention this when they asked, but I’ll also add that I’d like to read 25 books this year as well.

In keeping with this list…


I’m sure there are probably better/faster ways to learn a language, but I’ve jumped back into this language teaching app (I used it a few years ago), and I feel like they made some updates to it for the better. Like if I mess up, the next screen goes into a little more detail as to why I messed up, and then it reinforces the thing it’s trying to teach by repeating it in a couple different ways. Anyway, I’m starting back up with Spanish, and we’ll see how it goes.


These two were great.

I saw the latest from Sam Mendes today, and I thought it was pretty good — great even!

1917 starts with two young men receiving information from their general that the German’s have strategically retreated from a nearby No Man’s Land to set a trap for one of England’s advancing units. This unit is on track to fall into harm‘s way the following morning, so the two soldiers are tasked with running this news to the unit’s colonel in attempt to prevent 1,600 Brits from meeting their fate. To add to this potentially huge loss of countrymen, one of the two lads has a brother who is a part of the unit, so the task now holds the possibility of a personal loss. With that, the two head out and, for around two hours, I’m glued to my seat.

If you didn’t know already, the film was shot and edited to feel like one long tracking shot, and I think Mendes mostly succeeds. Roger Deakins‘ cinematography and Lee Smith’s seamless editing certainly helped in building this illusion, but it could not have been pulled off if the two leads weren’t amazing in their own right, so a shoutout to Dean-Charles Chapman and George MacKay as well… y’all were great.

No one did, but if I were asked, I would say it’s worth seeing on the big screen, if possible.

Super Bomberman R

There’s another big Nintendo Switch eShop Sale this week (a New Years Sale this time) and, once again, much of my Wish List is reduced in price so, once again, I’ve opted to show restraint and just buy one thing for now and see how the rest of the week goes.

This time, I went with a classic that I’m hoping can be added to play rotation with Overcooked as a game to enjoy with my wife. Time will tell, but for $10 instead of its normal $40, now was a great time to try and find out.

Told y’all is was a slow week, but I’m happy to recap it nonetheless. ¡Buenas noches!

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