2 Late…

2 Weeks-in-a-row

I’ve made very little progress in the two books I’m currently involved with (A People’s History of the United States, and A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet).

I’ve not watched any movies.

I did watch the series finale for The Good Place, and that made me tear up about three times.

My wife and I also started watching a show on Netflix called The Repair Shop. It’s about a shop in England that repairs old things. It’s like if Antiques Road Show was combined with The Great British Baking Off, only no one is getting things appraised (just repaired), and it’s not a competition (just a bunch of delightful Brits making merry while doing repairs).

Oh! We also finished the latest season of Making It!, where Amy Poehler and NIck Offerman host a show that also has a Great British Baking Off vibe, but it’s about people making things and being crafty.

Why’m I flying through this post this week?

  1. To say that I made a post this week.
  2. Because I made An Actual Playlist.

It’s not the best playlist I’ve ever made (this one is best shuffled), but these songs are pretty great. In fact, they’re Great Openers!

These songs are the first tracks on the albums or EPs that they’re found on, and they’re all ones I find enjoyable ways to kick off an album.

Apple Music | Spotify

I hope you like it, and if you don’t you can go and not listen to it!

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