I took my birthday weekend off….

…and my birthday was…good?!

There’s surprise there because, for a few weeks before it, I was really pretty down. Not for any particular reason, and I don’t think it was my fast-approaching birthday that threw me into that funk, but I was thinking quite a bit about life and stuff, you know? Deep things and whatnot.

Anyway, it came and went, and it was nice. My wife and I went to a birthday dinner with my good friend Jesse and his fiancé, but before it, I spent my afternoon by my lonesome and watched…

Honey Boy

Shia LaBeouf as his dad.
Shia LaBeouf as his dad.

…and holy crap. I talked about That Good Cry before and — man! — did Honey Boy deliver.

Honey Boy is a semi-autobiographical movie written by and starring Shia LaBeouf. Given his antics over the past few years, one might be inclined to think the worst, but the film is beautiful and his performance is seriously amazing — everyone’s was — and it just floored me.

The story focuses on an actor in his mid-20’s named Otis (which is actually a mid-20’s Shia as played by Lucas Hedges with incredible sensitivity) who just entered court-ordered rehab after multiple run-ins with the law while intoxicated. While in rehab, he’s asked to keep a journal to explore what in his life led him to substance abuse and his outbursts of lashing out. In so doing, the movie flashes back to his days as a child actor (young Shia played heartbreakingly by Noah Jupe) being raised by his deadbeat substance abusing and occasionally physically abusive father (LaBouf as essentially his real-life dad).

Each scene is more moving than the last and Alma Har’el’s direction is flawless. If you have 90 minutes to spare and an Amazon Prime account to stream it from, you’re in for a really delightful downer. It’s so good.

After composing myself, birthday dinner was had at…

La Feria

Amazingly, I took no pictures of the food.

A Spanish tapas restaurant near the DIA, La Feria is just a lovely little place with delicious, shareable small plates (that’s what tapas is) at an affordable price. My wife and I went to Spain on our honeymoon and eating here makes me miss Granada with so much of my heart.

Living with Yourself

Living with Yourself
What’s better than one Paul Rudd?

…is a show on Netflix staring Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd.

Down-on-his-life, Miles’ co-worker refers him to a spa he recently visited that left him feeling invigorated and better than ever. To avoid going to a fertility clinic Miles’ wife has been bugging him to go to, he decides to check out the spa instead. Without giving away too much, the spa is actually a cloning facility and, accidentally, there are now two Paul Rudds, which is a very handsome problem to have.

There are a few funny moments, and a few sad-ish moments, but I didn’t love it. There was a pretty good fight in the last episode, but overall, I think the show is just okay. There are only eight episodes, and none of them are longer than 30 minutes, so even if you also don’t love it at first, you can force yourself through it and maybe end up liking it more than I did.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee

Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee
Great for the morning commute!

…is a thing that exists that I bought and tried and didn’t hate, but I probably won’t buy it ever again once this four-pack has been consumed.

It’s not like a coffee infused lager or porter, but an actual coffee with cream and sugar (think a canned Starbucks Doubleshot), but also with a barely perceptible taste of alcohol.

I wish it was more like a beer.

Every February for the past few years, my wife and a couple of friends (who are literally a couple) go and see all the Oscar-nominated animated and live-action shorts. This year proved to be a bit difficult in lining up our schedules, so we’re going to see the shorts on our own this weekend (after the Oscars have already happened; we try to see them before the Awards show).

I’m happy to share more about them, but that’ll come next week. Enjoy yourselves until then!

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