…it did not go as I’d hoped.

I’ve been trying to wane myself off of buying things from Amazon when I want something. I’m not always successful, but the effort is there.

When looking to buy a new keyboard for my iPad, I checked out Apple.com and discovered that I live in an area that now provides an option for same-day “Courier Delivery” of select items. The keyboard I was looking for was one such item, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

In typical Apple fashion, the process seemed relatively easy: Pick a two-hour window, place your order, Apple sends an email when your item is out for delivery.

An item shipped notification email from Apple.
So far, so good.

I received an email about an hour into my delivery window letting me know my keyboard was on its way, but the keyboard never arrived. I purposely sat on my couch in a position that provided the best view through both the side and front windows of the house to ensure I could greet the delivery right at the door (my wife was taking a nap). At one point about 20 minutes after receiving my out-for-delivery email, I did see a white delivery-style truck whiz by our house without slowing down or stopping and I had the thought “I bet that was them,” and I’m going to guess that I’m correct; I gave my delivery window 15 extra minutes, then checked the status of my order.

Online order status screen shows the item was delivered.
So far, so bad.

After double-checking that I didn’t miss anything and the package wasn’t just left on the porch (it wasn’t), I called Apple. The customer service rep was kind and informed me that delivery could not be made “for some reason,” so the item was returned to the nearest Apple retail location and a refund would be processed and received in three to five days, but man that was a disappointing first experience trying out this new (to me) option.

I’m not the type of person who has a bad experience and then implores people not to try something because of it. In fact, I say if you have the option, see if your experience is better than mine. But as a friendly heads-up, my experience stunk.

As for the keyboard? I ended up ordering it on Amazon and it should be here in two days. I’ll let y’all know what I think of it once I’ve had it for a bit.

Or not. Who gives a shit?

UPDATE: In case you give a shit, some thoughts on the keyboard.

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