Halpert appreciates them, too!

Sloan circa 2008.

Growing up 30-minutes north of the Canadian border (Windsor, Ontario is south of Detroit, Michigan; I was north of Detroit), I was positioned to receive a pretty decent signal from a few select Canadian radio stations. According to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission:

Each licensed station is required to devote a percentage of its weekly music broadcasting to Canadian content.

Depending on the format of the station, this percentage ranges from as low as 10% to as high as 50%(!). With stations like 89X (RIP Windsor-Detroit’s ONLY New Rock Alternative), 93.9 The River, and CJAM (University of Windsor’s campus station) delivering a well-rounded mix of varied content, I was bound to appreciate the sounds of the south; I was bound to appreciate the sounds of Sloan.

Sloan formed in 1991 but wouldn’t have an impact on me until a few years later when I’d hear “I Hate My Generation” on the radio nearly every morning getting ready for school. The impact of hating my generation was so great that, 25 years later, the album Twice Removed remains one of my all-time favorites and that Sloan will forever hold dearly a place in my heart.

A masterpiece of 90’s Alternative.

Now is as good a time as any to appreciate Sloan, but what brings it up this week of all weeks is a quick remark made this week’s episode of the Office Ladies podcast (episode 45). Their guest this week was the show’s editor, Dave Rogers, and he talked about how the show runners solicited song suggestions from the cast and crew to use for the opening theme. He had to cut a version of the opening credits for each song, and something like 21 different versions were cut. Dave went on to say “John Krasinski, I remember, he had a good song by Sloan that was almost, that was a contender…” but he didn’t say what song it was. Obviously, it was memorable enough for him to mention the band by name — the only band he mentioned — but what song fits the theme of the show? Hmm…

Sloan released seven albums by the time The Office started in 2005 and six since then. I invite you to listen to them all and appreciate Sloan as much as Halpert did. As much as I do. As much as you should.

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