A great keyboard/trackpad combo.

I know things ended on a bit of a sour note last week, with me breaking down and ordering my new keyboard from Amazon, but two updates:

  1. The keyboard had an expected delivery day of Tuesday (two days after placing the order), but was instead delivered the very next day on Monday. That was a nice surprise.
  2. The keyboard and trackpad are both great!

The Logitech Combo Touch attaches to the Smart Connector of an iPad. The Smart Connector transfers both data and power between iPad and the keyboard connected to it, so no batteries or additional charging are required to use it.

I swear I’m not a greasy person.

Someone with bigger hands might find the spacing between the keys or the size of the trackpad to be a bit small (this is a 10.5” iPad Pro I’m working with), but for my medium-small hands, things feel appropriately spaced and sized. The keyboard is great to type on, features auto-adjusting backlighting, and the top row of keys are not dissimilar to those found on an Apple keyboard with its brightness and media controls. I suppose if I were doing something that required a row of Function keys, I might be disappointed, but I don’t so I’m not.

I know Logitech makes a great keyboard in general, but I wasn’t sure how the trackpad would fare. With more recent versions of iPadOS 13 (or iPadOS 14, which was just released), trackpad support is baked into the software and this trackpad works incredibly well with it. iPadOS immediately picks up that the Combo Touch is attached and the iPad’s circular on-screen cursor appears at first use; if you’ve used a MacBook in the last 10 years, you’ll know instantly how it functions, multitouch gestures and all. The iPad’s settings allow for your standard cursor adjustments to be made so, despite its smaller size, increasing the cursor tracking speed allows smaller slides to go father across the screen.

Trackpad settings essentials.

The only downside I’ve come across over the past week is how much bulk and weight is added to my iPad with the Combo Touch connected. The keyboard/trackpad portion that connects to the Smart Connector is pretty light weight and easily detaches from the iPad; that’s not the issue. When you have a laptop, the weight is distributed more thoughtfully between the screen and the body. Since the iPad is essentially both the screen and the body, the keyboard exists in a different way than it would on a laptop, so the iPad is nested into a thick protective case that doubles as an adjustable stand to hold up the screen/body while typing. This makes carrying the iPad in a closed-up state heavier than before — more dense, perhaps? — when it was just in a standard Smart Case.

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting myself a new laptop for a while now, but my iPad’s only a few years old and will likely live decently well for another few more. Despite this added-but-manageable bulk, the purchase and addition of the Combo Touch to my iPad doesn’t seem so bad if I’m using my iPad more as a result and my wanting of a new laptop is nearly completely eliminated.

Good job, Logitech!

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