Hi. My name is Eric and this is my website.

I have no grand plans here, but I miss the days of just writing to write, or just sharing something in general, and not caring about if there’s a social aspect to it or how my data or the data of others is going to be used or leaked or tracked or profited from, so that plays into this as well in some respects.

And to respect your deets, I’ve turned off comments and disabled or removed as many WordPress-y things that I could think of in an attempt to make sure reading something dumb I wrote about the Nintendo Switch doesn’t suddenly start showing you ads for Luigi’s Mansion 3 or whathaveyou everywhere you go.

If you do want to contact me about something or share a thought though, I invite you to send me an email (my name @ the name of the site). I can’t promise that I’ll respond (which I understand doesn’t really sell the idea of interacting with me) but I will read it and consider the words that you’ve written to me all the same.

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